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Technical services

We specialize in engineering for land-based farms and recirculation systems.

We understand what makes a good fish farm: robust engineering with proper equipment sizing and solid water treatment knowledge, good quality equipment and craftmanship. No compromises on flow capacities, filtration requirements, redundancies or backup systems. A good fish farm is made by doing it right. 


Engineering is our middle name

We specialize in engineering for land-based farms and recirculation systems.

We offer engineering packages which give you the exact control over the development of your project. We can take care of the whole project development process. From the planning, supervision and quality control of the construction work, as well as the start-up of the farm and ramping up of production.

Equipment supply

We only equip you with the best the market has to offer
We can supply equipment from a network of reputable third party equipment suppliers, but we are not married to any! This means we can offer you the best equipment and options tailored to your needs.


We are not afraid of custom jobs
If no one out there can supply you what you need, we are thrilled to put our creativity and technical expertise at your service. We design and manufacture bespoke equipment for farms, laboratories, hatcheries, water treatment systems and more. Have a look at our products hit us up for custom jobs!


We like to make sure everything works as it should
We are happy to help with the planning and preparations, construction management and equipment procurement. And if you’re not feeling like installing yourself, our installation heroes will install your complete RAS systems on site.


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Consultancy Services

We have an in-depth understanding of the global aquaculture value chain. Although we specialise in providing engineering support, we also gladly take on other challenges. For both new and existing operations we can provide a critical eye and bring solutions that improve your business.

Market & feasibility studies

We like to dive into the details
The decision to start a new aquaculture business must be supported by an extensive investigation that helps you decide if such business will succeed. The aquaculture sector abounds with success stories, but also with failed projects. Detailed feasibility studies help to close the uncertainty gap, helping decision makers like you decide whether to move forward or not. We can prepare studies that answer questions on several subjects such as species selection or market and consumer trends. We’d gladly help you with any question you might have.

Due diligence and risk management

We’ll be the critical eye
Third party evaluations of projects and farms can be useful in many ways. For prospective investors to assess the potential of a business. For insurers to understand their risks. And for everyone else, to find opportunities and risks that may have passed undetected. Independent evaluations can take the form of due diligence studies looking at business plans and engineering assumptions. Assessments to find out operational, and biological risks. Even detailed reviews of farm designs made by other experts. The more critical eyes available, the lower the risk.

Farm improvement

We would like to optimise your farm
With our broad experience we see ourselves as the perfect partner to carry out operational audits at aquaculture facilities. We can thoroughly investigate infrastructure, equipment and protocols and their implementation concerning system performance, health and safety, biosecurity, animal welfare, risk management, sustainability and certification.

Training & knowledge sharing

We believe sharing knowledge leads to the best results
We provide training and support on farm design, biosecurity, water quality management, fish health, farm maintenance and general farm operation. We are happy to share our knowledge in the classroom, in the boardroom, at the farm or at the bar. When developing a project, stakeholders are involved as much as possible to ensure a thorough understanding of the farm by those who look after the fish every day.


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Research and development

Problem solving

The fish farming sector is rapidly developing, and new questions and problems arise as progress continues. With solid skills and an open mind, we are not afraid of tackling difficult technical problems that seem insolvable. The solution might be a piece of hardware, a process, or even a whole new way of doing things. No matter the challenge, we are always eager to put our brains to work.

Product development

Sometimes, solving a problem leads to creating a product. However, the product must evolve from a prototypical to a commercial form. We match our problem-solving skills with our manufacturing know-how to come up with innovative pieces of technology that have real commercial purpose.

Collaborative research

We owe today’s fish farming sector scientific development, and we strive to stay at its cutting edge every step of the way. We work with some of the most legitimate research institutions in Europe in emerging subjects with future industrial usance. We are happy to share our work trough academic literature and spread the knowledge further.

Proof of concepts

Trying a new piece of technology, a new species or an innovative farming method? We are known for designing high quality pilot and proof of concept systems that will replicate commercial conditions at the small scale. A.k.a. the perfect tool for entrepreneurs who share our passion for innovation.


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