SEAentia proof-of-concept RAS

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SEAentia runs the world’s first proof of concept facility for commercial production of corvina (Argyrosomus regius) in RAS (SEAentia website) The facility is located in the sunny town of Peniche, Portugal’s prime seafood hub. SEAentia was founded in 2017 by Joao Rito and Nuno Leite, two Portuguese biologists who aim to produce sustainable and fully traceable premium Corvina without the use of chemicals or antibiotics by combining novel aquaculture engineering with scientific research.

We have worked together with Joao and Nuno since 2015, helping them shape what SEAentia is today. Market, feasibility and engineering studies, topped with the 2021 delivery of a turnkey, proof of concept RAS which provided them with the strong technical foundation needed for their expansion. In the future we will keep supporting SEAentia towards their objective of producing 5000MT of Corvina per year with more engineering, design and consultancy.

Proof of Concept Project specifications:

  • Design and installation of a complete Landing Proof of Concept marine warm water RAS module including a drum filter, MBBR, CO2 degasser, protein skimmer, ozone dosing, heating system, oxygen dosing cabinet, Oxyguard monitoring system and emergency oxygen.
  • The construction and installation of a custom-made nursery (1.2m3), on-growing (5m3), grow-out (10m3) and purging (4m3) tanks to fit within the available space.
  • Complete seawater treatment system (700 l/h) with sand filter, ultra-filtration unit, automatic backwash and UV disinfection
  • Design of a 1000MT RAS with options for expandability to 5000MT