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Landing MicroRAS

Individual, high performance RAS for every research need

Individual RAS systems are the perfect tool for aquaculture research. These systems are highly autonomous, yet customizable. The system is designed to maintain the strictest water quality requirements for salmonids under the toughest conditions, in a compact footprint.

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Landing PILOT

Land the perfect results with Landing PILOT

With the PILOT system, Landing is offering an affordable modular RAS suitable for fish nutrition and fish health research work, as well as stock holding or hatchery/nursery operations.

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Landing Proof of Concept

Realistic commercial testing on an affordable scale

Our proof of concept system has been applied for a range of species and application, and offers the same performance and tools found in commercial RAS at an affordable scale.

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Landing Oxygen Control

Safe, reliable and efficient delivery of technical gasses

The Oxygen Control systems by Landing are rugged dosing cabinets that provide a safeguard against power cuts and failures in your fish farm. They can also deliver accurate amounts of technical gases (oxygen, ozone) to oxygenation and gas transfer systems like oxygen cones and LHO’s. The oxygen cabinets are made to work either as stand-alone […]

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Landing NANO

Commercial aquaculture performance in the lab

The LandIng NANO is an aquarium system designed to withstand high stocking densities and feeding loads. The NANO system ranges from single independent aquaria to rack systems allowing for many experimental designs.

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