Landing Proof of Concept

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Realistic commercial testing on an affordable scale

When developing production systems for new species, you want to replicate commercial conditions with minimal risk and cost. Our proof of concept system has been applied for a range of species and application, and offers the same performance and tools found in commercial RAS at an affordable scale.

Product specs

System volume approx. 60m3
Tanks adjusted to species production
Stocking density 80-100 kg/m3
Feed load 20-25 kg/d


Optimised tank layout for individual species

High density rearing

Fast tank exchange for excellent water quality

2-cell efficient and resilient MBBR

Intensive CO2 degassing

Pure O2 transfer with downflow bubble contactor

Speed controlled high-quality pumps


· Temperature control with heat pumps or heat exchangers
· Full monitoring and control
· Protein skimming
· Ozonation / UV treatment
· Independent dimmable and programmable LED lighting
· Automatic feeding system
· Effluent treatment and water reuse (denitrification, mineralisation)