Landing PILOT

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Land the perfect results with Landing PILOT

With the PILOT system, Landing is offering an affordable modular RAS suitable for fish nutrition and fish health research work, as well as stock holding or hatchery/nursery operations. The system delivers reliable operations with minimal maintenance and is very easy to operate. Combining multiple systems is easy and enables scaling up. The Landing PILOT is also a perfect combination to small scale aquaponic systems.

Product specs

Standard system volume 9500 l
Standard tank volume 1200 l
Standard number of tanks 6
Standard stocking density 50 kg/m3
Standard max feed load 7 kg/d
Oxygenation Aeration or pure oxygen via downflow bubble contactor
Biological filtration Moving Bed BioReactor (MBBR)
Mechanical filtration Microscreen drum filter (40-100 µm)


Completely prefabricated and tested in our workshop for smooth and fast installations

Seawater resistant

Optimised tank shape and water inlets for ideal swimming speeds and water quality

Automatic drum filter for fast and easy solids removal

Self-cleaning biological filtration

Full flow control via pump controller

Automatic water top-up to reduce labour

Super low energy consumption (basic RAS <400W)

Extremely silent operation

Fully customisable to feed loads, species and experimental designs



· Full monitoring and control
· CO2 degassing
· Protein skimming
· Ozonation / UV disinfection
· Independent dimmable and programmable LED lighting
· Automatic feeding system
· Fully customisable