Landing Oxygen Control

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Safe, reliable and efficient delivery of technical gasses

The Oxygen Control systems by Landing are rugged dosing cabinets that provide a safeguard against power cuts and failures in your fish farm. They can also deliver accurate amounts of technical gases (oxygen, ozone) to oxygenation and gas transfer systems like oxygen cones and LHO’s. The oxygen cabinets are made to work either as stand-alone units or together with more complex monitoring and control systems (SCADA, Oxyguard).

Product specs

Compatible gasses Oxygen, Ozone (optional)
Flows 1-50 lpm per channel
Channels 2-8 channels per cabinet
Housing IP68 GRP with viewing glass


Normally Open (NO) automatic valves for emergency oxygen dosing

Normally Closed (NC) automatic valves for automatic oxygen dosing

Works with existing monitoring systems such as Oxyguard

Works with all convention oxygenation equipment such as Cones, LHO’s, MHO’s, diffusors, U-tubes, and others

Made with food-grade sealants


– Ozone-resistant flow meters, valves and piping

– Oxygen probes for stand-alone operation

– Full oxygenation/ozone systems including gas storage, gas production, gas transport, gas transfer and dosing control are also available