Landing NANO

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Commercial aquaculture performance in the lab

The Landing NANO is an aquarium system designed to withstand high stocking densities and feeding loads. The NANO system ranges from single independent aquaria to rack systems allowing for many experimental designs. Using a carefully designed multistep filtration process as found in commercial fish farms, the correct water conditions are maintained throughout the experiments. The system includes mechanical filtration, biofiltration, gas exchange and temperature control. In addition, the fish tanks can be designed to fit the needs of particular species or life stages.

LandIng NANO is the answer to research laboratories requiring high performance at laboratory scale

Product specs

Tank volume 50 – 250 L
System volume 150 – 4000L
Max stocking density 15 kg/m3
Suitable species Shrimp, Finfish, Crustaceans, Invertebrates


Modular design, only needing electricity and connections to drains

Suitable for feeding trials and challenge trials

Seawater resistant

Self cleaning tank ensures proper water mixing at high stocking densities

Completely independent unit, for better biosecurity and experimental control

Easy to clean, service and disassemble

Completely prefabricated and tested in our workshop for smooth and fast installation


· Heating and cooling
· Full Monitoring and control system
· Protein skimming
· Oxidation and disinfection
· Independent dimmable and programmable LED lighting
· In-tank aeration or central oxygenation
· Fully customisable