Glasaal Volendam collaboration

  • eel
  • RAS
  • research

Landing aquaculture and the eel reproduction startup Glasaal Volendam ( have a history of working together since 2015. Our collaborative work spans from brainstorming sessions to upgrading their eel hatchery equipment, including:

  • The collaborative design and supply a novel eel incubator tank (500 liters capacity,  transparent walls and the option to select upflow or downflow regimes providing Glasaal Volendam the flexibility required when doing research.
  • The supply and installation of a RAS module with a bead filter, UV, MBBR and monitoring system as an upgrade to an existing laboratory.
  • The installation of a backup oxygen system to protect the facilities against pressurised air service interruptions.
  • The design and supply a larvae rearing system which included a vacuum degasser, moving bed bioreactor, UV, ozonation and protein skimming.
  • Undertaking collaborative research on optimising LED lighting for both eel larvae and broodstock holding facilities.