VannCare bloodwater treatment

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VannCare is a technological solution to treat salmon processing waters contaminated with fish blood produced during harvest and bleeding of fish. The VannCare process uses an innovative combination of mechanical filtration, oxidation and dissolved air flotation to remove fish remains, oils, dissolved solids, color, proteins and organic matter from seawater. The unique design of the system ensures full operation in a vessel subject to motion at sea. Patent pending.

The first commercial prototype is currently in service in Norway on board of the Taupiri, a next-generation harvest-bleeder vessel. We expect new units to enter the market in 2020.

We designed and built the prototype in late 2018 and has been under testing and certification in Norway through 2019. VannCare has been developed in collaboration with Sandtorv Maskin ( and with the support of Napier ( and Innovation Norway (