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We are Landing Aquaculture

We are Landing Aquaculture. An engineering and consultancy company focused on land-based intensive fish-farming. Developed from aquacultural engineers to technical experts and consultants who focus on the creative part of engineering. Landing’s flagship service is fish-farming engineering.

Landing designs fish-farms, manages expectations and performs feasibility studies. We are the innovators, inventors, the translators between development and implementation. Furthermore, we also solve practical problems for existing farms trough redesign & management improvements.

As a side business Landing is active on manufacturing and Research & Development to provide answers to problems that have not been solved yet.

We are no tough guys, but we’re the underdogs who think they can outsmart the industry-leaders. Not by being loud, but by being the experts who believe in changing the industry.

It is our mission to improve the reputation of the fish-farming sector
by doing it right.

There is a lot of turmoil in the sector. We want to be trustworthy and achieve this by transparent engineering and doing things properly. The sector’s reputation is compromised (pollution, antibiotics, animal welfare). We have the knowledge to show the sector how to do things better. The market is looking for trust, and we want to gain trust by being accountable and by doing things right without cutting corners.

We are the ones that break the fish-farming ceiling.

We’ll be the giant’s shoulder to stand on. There are countless man-made marvels, and we believe fish farming can be one of them.

Who's working?

Rob van de Ven

Rob van de Ven

Managing director Boxtel
+31 (0)411 - 760 260 +31 (0)6 - 200 396 11 rob@landingaquaculture.com
Carlos Espinal

Carlos Espinal

Managing director Boxtel
+31 (0)411 - 760 260 +31 (0)6 - 127 697 54 carlos@landingaquaculture.com