By doing it right we can improve the reputation of the fish-farming sector.

We are Landing Aquaculture.
An engineering and consultancy company focused on land-based intensive fish-farming. Developed from aquacultural engineers to technical experts and consultants who apply a creative approach to engineering.

It’s a mission.
There is a lot of turmoil in the sector. We want to be trustworthy and want to achieve this by transparent engineering and doing things properly. With us, there’s no “cowboys” focused on sales, but instead openness and accountability.

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Things we promise

No black boxes
All for the best in the end, transparency.
We innovate
We are curious people. It’s in our nature to be innovative.
Do it properly
We make sure stuff works and is reliable.
It is a party
We are serious about our work, but fun to work with.
Share our knowledge
Explain, teach and share.

Our core brand values are the compass that points to the true North of our business success. Everything and everyone that will come across Landing relates to those four values.

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Rob van de Ven

Rob van de Ven

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Carlos Espinal

Carlos Espinal

Innovation Director Boxtel
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