LandIng Aquaculture offers a complete range of products for recirculating aquaculture and is distributor for a number of high quality brands. Combined with our solid advice this guarantees optimum performance and reliability.

Our products are available for very small (laboratory) scale systems as well as big commercial production facilities, and our range includes:

  • Drum filters (5 - 4300 m3/h)
  • Bead filters
  • Biological filter media (fixed-bed, trickling and MBBR)
  • Water circulation pumps, both electrical and diesel powered (200 l/h - 5000 m3/h)
  • High pressure pumps
  • Air pumps / blowers / compressors 
  • HDPE fish tanks
  • HDPE filter tanks
  • Water quality sensors / test kits
  • Heat pumps and chillers
  • Protein skimmers (fresh water & salt water)
  • UV disinfection units
  • Ozone generators, reactors, alarms and control modules
  • Oxygen cones
  • PVC pipework and fittings (10-500mm diameter)
  • HDPE pipework and fittings (25-2000mm diameter)

Need anything not on this list? Contact us!