Procurement Support

LandIng Aquaculture has experience and relations with a multitude of equipment suppliers. We can efficiently support the procurement process  to get our clients the best compromise between price, quality, performance and after-sales service. LandIng Aquaculture can handle the complete procurement process for you, or provide our clients with the terms of reference needed to you can 'go shopping' with a peace of mind. Our contacts include suppliers of equipment for (amongst others):

  • Filtration equipment (mechanical & biological)
  • Automatic feeders
  • Monitoring and Control Systems
  • Circulation pumps 
  • Tanks
  • Tertiary filtration and disinfection equipment such as Ozonators and UV Sterilisers and advanced oxidation systems
  • Oxygen dosing systems
  • Degassing equipment
  • Ventilation and air treatment equipment
  • Heating & cooling solutions
  • Fish graders
  • Processing equipment
  • Consumables