Market study for shrimp in Europe


In 2016, LandIng Aquaculture has been offering market studies to help aquaculture entrepeneurs understand the value chains, key players, markets and consumer preferences of selected aquaculture species. The result of LandIng's studies help support decision making on species to be farmed, locations where to place the fish farm, type of products that could be offered, expected sales prices and potential competitors. LandIng Aquaculture undertakes the studies using information from publicly-available databases as well as field-gathered information specifically for each project. The result is a study that provides the client with solid background data and with in-depth information unique for each study case. 

For this project, LandIng Aquaculture undertook a comprehensive study on the market for shrimps in Europe. The study covered the consumption trends of the Europeans, the species traded, the prices across value chains and the comparison between imported and locally-produced shrimp. The study brought interesting conclusions on the strategies that should be follow to start a shrimp farm in Europe with possibilities of success and paves the way for the client to advance towards the feasibility study and basic engineering phase of his project.