LandIng working on Trout Hatchery in Romania

LandIng has been working with SCR group in Romania on a Trout farming project. The target is to convert an existing flow-through farm into a Recirculation Aquaculture System (RAS) farm. Instead of producing plate-size trout, this farm will now be focussing on producing trout fingerlings for stocking in freshwater cages.

The reasons behind the conversion into RAS are many, but mainly the limited water supply in both quality and quantity from the nearby river and biosecurity are important factors. In a RAS system, water usage can be reduced to <5% of the original flow-through system, and the risks of bringing pathogens into the farm can be reduced greatly. Since the farm was originally designed for producing consumption-size fish, some modifications will have to be made to the current infrastructure in order to adapt the farm to growing small fingerlings.

Currently the design and engineering process is coming along nicely, and LandIng is looking forward to realising this project in the near future!