LandIng Radial Flow Anaerobic Sludge Reactors are now available

LandIng Aquaculture is now offering anaerobic sludge reactors for aquaculture research and commercial plants wanting to reduce their water usage, their sludge disposal costs or to undertake aquaculture sludge treatment research. Our reactors can be sized for loadings between 1 and 150kg of fish feed per day.


Over the past few months, we at LandIng have started to work on ways to improve sludge handling solutions for land-based fish farms. This started with a small research project carried out in collaboration with the Zurich Univeristy of Applied Sciences  where we studied the performance of anaerobic sludge reactors. Firstly, a way to handle sludge-based reactors with a simple method using Imhoff cones was developed. Secondly, we studied the denitrifying and sludge thickening capacity of single-sludge reactors using drum filter backwash sludge. The day-to-day operation of the experimental reactors also helped us devised ways to design forgiving, simple anaerobic reactors which can be used for denitrification, mineralization or sludge thickening.


The results of this work were presented in the final COST FA1035 conference “Aquaponics: from science to practice” in London, last April and will be also presented in the upcoming Aquaculture Europe 2018 in Montpellier, next August.


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