LandIng PILOT (tm)



LandIng Aquaculture proudly presents the LandIng PILOTTM, an affordable modular RAS suited for fish nutrition and fish health research work, as well as stock holding or hatchery/nursery operations. The system requires minimum maintenance and is very easy to operate. Combining systems is  easy and enable you to scale up to any size you need. LandIn PILOTTM can even be coupled to aquaponic systems! Click here to download the brochure!

Tank volume                                        1200 l
Number of tanks                                   6
System volume                                    9500 l
Recommended stocking density          50 kg/m3*
Max. feed load                                     7 kg/day (50% protein)* 
Tank HRT                                            30 min
Salinity                                                 0-40 ppt
Mechanical Filtration                            Micro-screen Drum filter (40 - 100 um)
Biological Filtration                               Moving Bed Bio-Reactor (MBBR)
Oxygenation                                         Pure oxygen through Downflow Bubble Contactor
All tanks are made from durable HDPE in order to be strong, corrosion- and temperature resistant and easy to maintain. The LandIn PILOTTM system allows you full control with seawater proof, silent and energy efficient pumps equipped with external flow controllers. And the basic system consumes only 300W!

To allow for further water quality and environmental control in this system, a number of optional modules are available.

Standard System                                                   €22.995,-
Carbon dioxide degassing module                        €1.174,-
Heating & cooling module (8 - 26 kW)                   €1.627 to €4.922,-**
Protein skimming module                                      €259,-
Ozonation module                                                 €2.092,-
UV disinfection module                                         €1085,-
LED dimmable lighting module                             €790,-

Prices are excluding VAT and shipping costs. Delivery time approx. 6 weeks. Please contact us for more information or special requests. * Depending on fish species and feeding rate. ** Contact us for heating & cooling capacities and prices