LandIng Aquaculture partners with Developonics

Since its foundation, Landing Aquaculture has been heavily involved with aquaponics - a natural progression from recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS) where fish farming and plant production are combined.

Most of the our current involvement in the field has been throught the EU Aquaponics Hub, a COST Action which focuses on Aquaponics R&D. From this Hub, a collaborative research team named "Developonics" has been created. The team is comprised by young researchers and engineers working on aquaponics, microbial mirelization processes, plant production and RAS. Developonics will focus on closing knowledge gaps in aquaponics and help in the creation of next-generation systems that could be applied at both research and industrial scale. Landing Aquaculture will aid the developonics team by providing RAS engineering knowhow and guidance on commercial application of future research findings.

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