LandIng Aquaculture on the COST Aquaponics Training School in Slovenia

On 15-19 June 2015, the University of Ljubljana and the EU Aquaponics Hub organise a training school "Essential Aquaponics", and LandIng Aquaculture will be part of the international team of trainers.

This training school will consist of a number of lectures and practical classes on the key principles of aquaponic systems and aquaponic food production. Participants will be introduced to the historical background of aquaponics and the various types of aquaponic systems currently operating around the world. Topics will include aquaponic system configurations, practical calculations of aquaponic system units, the suitability of different fish and plant species, and pest and disease management, as well as economic considerations in aquaponic system design and operation. 

LandIng Aquaculture will provide a training on the Opportunities and Challenges in Aquaponics in it's varied forms and applications.

For more information about the training school, please download the brochure.