The GEOFOOD Project: maximising geothermal well use with aquaponics

At LandIng Aquaculture, it has been part of our vision to get involved in research and development projects to help drive forward the sectors we work in. We are striving to contribute to advances in energy efficiency, robustness in RAS designs, valorization of aquacultural sludges and deepening circular economy principles applied to aquaculture and aquaponics. We are very excited that this vision is becoming reality as we are have started to undertake a number of R&D initiatives that we hope, become fruitful in the coming years.


We have started the GEOFOOD project under the Geothermica research programme looking into using geothermal heat for aquaculture and hydroponic food production. Our aim is to show how can we maximize the use geothermal energy by using it in combined production of fish and plants in decoupled aquaponic sytems This is a project we will be undertaking in collaboration with Wageningen University and Research, the Icelandic aquaponics startup Samraekt,  The University of Iceland and the Univeristy of Maribor. The project will also count with the supporting role of Ammerlaan TGI, a leading Dutch, zero-emissions horticultural producer. Stay tuned!.