Feasibility and Market Studies

The decision to start a new aquaculture business must be supported by an exensive investigation that helps the client decide if such business will succeed. The aquaculture sector abounds with success stories, but also with failed projects. Detailed feasibility studies help to close the uncertainty gap, helping decision makers to decide whether to move forward or not. Landing Aquaculture can prepare studies that answer questions on:

  • Species selection - technicalities, seed supply, markets and price evolutions. 
  • Site selection - is the site close enough to your communications networks? Does it offer the necessary services? Are the local permitting procedures adequate to the expectations of the client? 
  • Risks analysis - what can place the business in danger? how can the risk be managed? 
  • Competitor analysis - who is doing what close to the chosen business area and how will it affect the business
  • Market and consumer trends - are people eating more fish? What products is the cosumer interested in? Which geographical locations should be targeted? Which market segments should be addressed? 
  • Logistics - How can the product reach the market at appropriate timeframes? 
  • GIS-based decision making tools for all of the above