Aquaponics pilot Norway


LandIng was entrusted with designing a complete and high-tech aquaponics system on a pilot scale in Norway. The system will be used to test the viability of using aquaponics with Atlantic Salmon parr. The system consists of a high-intensity RAS that can handle 20 kg feed per day and around 200 m2 of vertically stacked net plant growing area in different growing systems: deep water rafts, NFT channels and hemp-fibre growmats.

The system is also equipped with an aerobic mineralisation reactor, allowing for >99% recirculation of water and a big reduction in sludge production.

The whole system is stand-alone and can operate automatically for a few days, and can be monitored remotely. The system is placed indoors and light is supplied via LED growlights for each growing level.

For more information about commercial aquaponics systems, please feel free to contact us.