About LandIng

The perfect combination between experience and innovation

Aquaculture engineering is a demanding field. We deal with physics, chemistry, economics and biology so your average person can buy the best quality seafood for the best possible price. It takes experience, creativity and a wealth of technical knowledge to design fish farms that work well and make money. Not always, farms can do both things. 

LandIng Aquaculture started on the need to provide fish farmers and aquaculture entrepreneurs with affordable, personalised and honest engineering services. We have planned to achieve this by communicating with our clients on every designed aspect, each calculation and expert opinion using all the necessary scientific and technical information available to us. We have also decided to keep a wide portfolio of equipment suppliers: we will only select equipment on the best interests of our clients. We have seen what works and what doesn’t, but we know there is still plenty of room for innovation!

We offer a selection of engineering packages for every stage of project development -from concepts and basic visualisations to construction, start-up and commissioning. In everything we do, we strive to inform the client on the advantages and limitations of their project. As aquaculture experts, we also offer a wide range of consultancy services that go beyond engineering.

LandIng Aquaculture is run by:

Rob van de Ven

An aquaculture engineering from Wageningen University (NL). Rob has been designing and building fish farming systems for the past three years and has become very proficient at it. Rob is fast to visualize a system, design it and bring to reality with a very high attention to detail. He is also an expert on water filtration, water transport, ventilation and knows almost every technology there is to design these processes properly. As a pragmatic professional, he ensures his clients are well-informed of every aspect (good or bad) of their project.




Carlos A. Espinal

An Environmental Engineer specialised in Aquaculture from the University of Barcelona. Carlos brings a wealth of aquaculture know-how originating from his 6 year-long aquaculture career. Carlos has been in contact with fish farming operations in the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia since the beginning. As an engineer, Carlos focuses on early design and R&D, making sure that every project is technologically sound and up-to-date with the latest scientific knowledge.




Alberto Espinal

Alberto is LandIng’s architect and construction engineer. With more than forty years of professional experience in both industrial and academic backgrounds, Alberto brings a wealth of know-how on architecture, civil and industrial construction and project management. During his career, he has designed and developed around ninety residential, commercial and industrial projects, ranging from homes to automotive assembly lines.  With LandIng, Alberto will ensure that all fish farm construction projects are brought to successful completion and to the highest standards of quality and safety.