LandIng Aquaculture launches LandIng PILOT modular RAS


LandIng Aquaculture proudly presents the LandIng PILOTTM, an affordable modular RAS suited for fish nutrition and fish health research work, as well as stock holding or hatchery/nursery operations. The system requires minimum maintenance and is very easy to operate. Combining systems is  easy and enable you to scale up to any size you need. LandIn PILOTTM can even be coupled to aquaponic systems! Click here to download the brochure!


LandIng Aquaculture features in Aquaculture Europe Magazine

LandIng Aquaculture is featured in a full page article in Aquaculture Europe. This magazine is the members magazine of the European Aquaculture Society, and this edition will be handed out during the Aquaculture Europe 2014 Conference in San Sebastian, 14-17 October.

Please click on the image to read the full article.


Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the world-wide aquaculture sector with a high-quality, affordable and transparent engineering and consultancy service for recirculating aquaculture projects and other aquaculture ventures.

One of the major constraints to the development of recirculating aquaculture is the steep capital investment required. At LandIng, we understand that recirculating aquaculture projects can cost much less by applying well-studied designs, efficient production planning and careful procurement processes where unnecessary expenses can be avoided. Our alternative to commercially available systems is a truly personalised, location-driven and economically-prudent engineering service that puts the client in control of every investment put into his or her project.